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Fatal Car Crash in Irvine, CA

Car and truck crashes are not only deadly on highways or freeways, but driving on the main city streets is just as dangerous, especially when you are on the road with negligent drivers. In Irvine this summer, June, 2015, one woman died and four others were injured in a three-car collision at Alton and Barranca Parkway. The driver that caused the crash fled the scene of this horrific fatal collision in Irvine.

Motor Vehicle accidents can involve cars, trucks, semi or tractor-trailer trucks, delivery vehicles, passenger vans, buses, and motorcycles.  It is common that accident injuries at the onset may appear not to be serious, but can become serious or deadly if you do not receive proper medical attention.  In many situations, insurance companies want to quickly pay you a small fee to settle your injury case before you talk to a personal injury attorney. If injured, contact Remick Law Group to help you communicate with your insurance company to get the maximum settlement.

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If injured, Remick Law Group does not charge a fee and with no obligation, will give a free consultation to determine the best options for you.  You do not pay anything unless we win your case.  Remick Law Group aggressively represents clients with professionalism to win your case with maximum compensation.

If you or a family member have been injured as the result of a motor vehicle accident, contact Remick Law Group  immediately. We are passionate about helping our clients recover full compensation under the law. At Remick Law Group, we do not get paid unless a recovery is made.

What To Do If Injured In An Accident

  1. Seek Medical Attention:  Seek medical attention from a qualified medical professional physician.  Urgent Care centers are generally efficient and take most insurance plans, however, call ahead to be sure. Tell your doctor everything about the accident, especially your pain and all injuries.  Always ask for a copy of your medical records and keep your own detailed records of each medical visit including x-rays, MRI’s, and physical therapy.  If you are dizzy, confused or having trouble remembering things, report it immediately as these are symptoms of brain trauma.
  2. Write Down Information:  Get insurance information from the other drivers(s) including their license plate number, driver’s license number and all Witness names and numbers.
  3. Take Pictures:  If you are able, take a good amount of pictures of the accident scene, including all cars involved and all injuries.
  4. Contact an Attorney: If you have a serious injury, you need a local Personal Injury Lawyer to represent you immediately so that your lawyer can communicate with the insurance company and properly advise you. Before hiring a lawyer, ask them how many years of experience they have in injury cases.  Get a free, no obligation consultation from Remick Law Group by calling or texting:  949-445-4344.
  5. Do Not Discuss Your Case with Anyone:  Do not talk to anyone about the accident or injuries, especially an insurance adjuster.  Only discuss your case and injuries with your doctor and lawyer. Do not give verbal or written statements, and do not sign anything, unless instructed by your personal injury lawyer.
  6. Expenses:  Keep a record of all expenses related to your injury.  This means all bills and invoices from your doctor, medical facility, pharmacy, hospital, loss of wages, and auto repair estimates.
  7. Communication:  Stay in close communication with your lawyer and the law firm staff.  Respond promptly to all questions from your lawyer as documents must be filed in a timely manner under California law.

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