Orange County Bicycle Accident

Cycling in Orange County continues to increase every year, which is why several cities in Orange County have designated bike lanes for the purpose of keeping bicycle riders safe.

In July, 2015, a 13 year old girl was killed in Santa Ana when she was hit in a crosswalk at West Edinger and South Center Street by a school box truck, making a right turn. Even though California has clear traffic laws that give bicyclists the right of the way in most situations, there are still many drivers who are negligent and careless around bicyclists. Drivers can be held accountable if they do not look for pedestrians in the crosswalk. If an employee is driving, both he and his employer can be held financially responsible.

Since many of the roads are shared between bicycles, cars, trucks, and motorcycles, the roadways become extremely crowded and difficult to maneuver.  Bicycle riders are at a disadvantage as their only protection is a plastic helmet when impacting on asphalt and concrete. Cyclists can easily suffer concussions, broken bones, catastrophic injuries to the neck, spine and brain, compared to drivers, with a steel frame, safety belts and airbags to protect victims of auto accidents.

Many of our staff members and attorneys at Remick Law Group are cyclists.  We encourage you to follow the Five Rules of the Road endorsed by The California Bicycle Coalition.   1) Follow the Law, 2) Be Predictable, 3) Be Conspicuous, 4) Think Ahead, and 5) Ride Ready.  We understand that although cyclists are careful and accommodating, they continue to confront danger on every ride. The Remick Law Group is dedicated to making Orange County safer and friendlier to cyclists.

Common Injuries Sustained in a Bicycle Accident

Since there is very little protection on a bicycle, in comparison with a motor vehicle, the chances of sustaining catastrophic or fatal injuries are much higher. It is not uncommon for bicycle riders to sustain long-term injuries or permanent disability as the result of a bicycle accident. Some of the most common injuries that we have seen include:

Common Bicycle Accident Situations

  • Length of visibility due to Poor Lighting Conditions
  • Left Turning Vehicle at an Intersection
  • Left Turning Vehicle Through a Gap in Traffic
  • Right Turning Vehicle Traveling Ahead of a Approaching Cyclist
  • Rear-Ended or Side-swiped by a Passing Vehicle
  • Dog Attack

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